9-2-20 Wednesday

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In case you missed it on social media yesterday…

Planchet went home!

I don’t think that boy stopped purring for one moment. He joins big brother Bushwacker (who needs a friend to play with) and big sister Gemini (who needs Bushwacker to have a friend). Kai said they’re going to go with Jupiter as his new name, because He’s the god of storms and that purr sounds like thunder rumbling! How sweet is that?

Today’s entry includes the rest of the pictures I have of Planchet/Jupiter.

July 21st (left) and August 31st. He grew just a bit!

Sitting patiently with Constance, watching me change the sheets on the bed.

Hanging out with Aramis atop the cat tree.

Hanging out BEHIND Aramis atop the cat tree.

Feelin’ thlurrrpy.

Having a snooze with Athos.

Tussling with Athos and Aramis.

Posing with d’Artagnan.

“Lady, bring that feather teaser over here.”

“Sometimes you have to talk to the feather teaser and convince it to come closer,” he tells Athos.

Hanging out with Constance and Rochefort on the big tree.

Hanging out with Winter, in his pie plate. (I did not send the pie plate home with him, but I did send a small cat bed so he’d have something that smells familiar while he’s adjusting. Also, a bag of cat toys. Always cat toys.)

One last shot of the whole bunch. From top, moving down: Athos on the top level, Constance, Rochefort and Planchet on the next level down; d’Artagnan and Porthos; Winter and Aramis.


I do wish Alice Mo could relax.

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