9-6-20 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr Roundup.

Breakfast is served! Clockwise from orange Athos, we have: Athos, Planchet, Aramis, Winter, Constance, d’Artagnan, Porthos and Rochefort. (Yeah, they don’t really all fit around the plate, but they refuse to eat at two separate plates and no one is starving so I’m not gonna stress about it.)

“The bed’s not gonna make itself, lady. I guess I’ve gotta do it! The things I do for you…” That Winter, such a helper.

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Aramis is one happy little monkey. I swear one day I’m gonna squoosh him.

Winter can stuff her floof into some impossibly small spaces. Porthos is taking notes.

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Rochefort and Constance have a tussle. Please don’t miss the sproingy leaps, they’re hilarious.

Constance takes a stroll across my pillows and Planchet gives me the eye like “Is she supposed to be stomping across your pillows like that?”

I’m fairly sure Rochefort needs a kiss. If I MUST.

Good night innernets. (Planchet)

Would you care for a knuckle sammich to start your Monday off? Winter’s happy to help!

I love this picture of (left to right) Porthos, Planchet, Aramis, Athos and d’Artagnan, they are so freakin’ cute. Planchet is adoption pending, but Porthos, Aramis, Athos and d’Artagnan are still available! Email info (AT) ffhsv.org to inquire.

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The sleepier he is, the more willing Rochefort is to admit that he’s Da BAYbee.

Planchet in the Tiny Basket, from above. He always looks so serious, but is such a lovebug. I guess he’s serious about being a lovebug.

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Sleepy little slackers.

We’re serving Rochefortinis this Happy Hour.

The belly is not a trap. (Okay, the belly is sometimes a trap. But worth it!)

Good night innernets. (Athos)

D’Artagnan’s got something to say. How unusual!

Snuggling with Winter. ❤️

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Planchet & Rochefort have a tussle.

Hooray, hooray, Planchet was adopted and went home today!! I don’t think he stopped purring for one instant. He’ll be known as Jupiter – Kai said “He’s the god of storms and that purr sounds like thunder rumbling!” He joins two other kitties in his new home: young kitty boy Bushwacker, who needs a friend to play with, and tortie girl Gemini who wants Bushwacker to have a friend to play with so he’ll leave her alone. 😉 Happy life, sweet boy!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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Why chase your own tail when you can chase someone else’s? Winter, Constance and d’Artagnan do just that.

Porthos is now taking orders.

Good night innernets. (Aramis)

In case you missed it, Planchet was adopted and went home yesterday! Here are pictures of him from July 21st (top left) and August 31st (top right). He grew just a bit! And since Instagram doesn’t like non-square pictures, here’s a shot of him following Alexandra around (bottom left) and getting the ol’ snifferoo from Rochefort. Too cute!

Can you believe that these four cuties-with-attitude are still available for adoption? Left to right: Porthos, Aramis, Athos and d’Artagnan.

If some (or all!) of them seem like they might fit well in your home, email Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (AT) ffhsv.org to inquire. (All kittens must either be adopted in pairs OR be joining a home with a young, playful kitty already in residence.)

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d’Artagnan chasing his tail (and a moment of Planchet before he went home yesterday.)

Constance and Aramis have a snuggle.

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Rochefort found a palmetto bug and considered it his kill (you can hear him growling at the other kittens if they get too close.) He was SO proud of himself, the mighty little hunter. (Yeah, palmetto bugs are gross. That’s a relatively small one. I did squish and flush it eventually.) Video made yesterday morning, before Planchet went home (you’ll see him at the end.)

“He’s talking again, lady.” (Constance & Rochefort)

D’Artagnan doesn’t look like he’s too sure about this “going into meow-ter space” thing.

Good night innernets. (Athos & Rochefort)

In case you were wondering how Jupiter (formerly Planchet) is doing – he and Bushwacker are already best friends – Bushwacker is thrilled to have a friend. How CUTE is that?!

We’re continuing our Thursday trip down memory lane. Say hello to Moondance and Moonman, fosters# 32 & 33. They came to us in January 2007. They’d been in a cage together at Petsmart for a few weeks and were clearly getting on each others’ nerves, so came to us for a break. They were about a year old and were very very sweet. Moondance (who we nicknamed Myrtle) was NOT a fan of other cats, and if other cats got too close to her she would SCREAM at the top of her lungs. Imagine you’re going about your life as usual and then suddenly there is a breathtaking, ear-piercing scream out of nowhere. It was magical, to say the least. We gave her a month-long break from Petsmart before I couldn’t stand the hellcat scream anymore, and back she went to Petsmart, where she was adopted fairly quickly. ⁠

Moonman was nicknamed Joe Bob because he was just a good ol’ boy, and a total sweetheart. He stayed with us for another 3 weeks due to a UTI and just because we liked him. I tried to convince Fred that we should adopt him, but Fred wouldn’t go for it and so he went back to Petsmart and was adopted out.⁠

A few months later he was returned. He stayed at the Challenger’s House shelter until February 2008. We said goodbye to our old man kitty Spot at the end of January 2008, and Fred decreed that the best way to honor Spot would be to adopt another rescue kitty. We both always liked Moonman/Joe Bob, and a few days later Fred brought him home. Joe Bob was just the sweetest, happiest boy. He remained with us until December 2017, when he passed away at the age of 12 years old.

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Throwback Thursday: the Mice Bucket Challenge from 2014, starring the late, much-missed Stefan.

Continuing on down memory lane, say hello to fosters #34-37 – mother Fantine and her kittens Cosette, Eponine and Javert. They came to us in early January 2007 and were with us about 3 weeks before they headed off to Petsmart. At the time we were in the middle of renovating the house we’d bought the previous fall (which came to be known as Crooked Acres), and between driving back and forth and working on the house, I didn’t get many pictures of these fosters. (JEEZ, 2007 Robyn. Get your act together! Where’s your dedication?) They were a very sweet, sassy bunch (it doesn’t show in the picture, but Fantine had a short stump of a tail and she would wag it like a dog). Javert and Eponine were adopted together (and renamed Gus and Belle). Fantine and Cosette were adopted out separately.

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Back in April, permanent resident Alice brought a live chipmunk into the house and then proceeded to chase it around until Fred heard the chipmunk scolding Alice and came down to rescue it. I had to go back and look at the Nest camera to see exactly what had happened, and this chase around the kitchen island cracked me up. (Bonus: Archie coming in to see what was going on.) I had to extend the chase (in actuality Alice only chased it around the island twice before it ran into the computer room) and add music and watching it just cracks me up.

Winter and Porthos have a snuggle… though I think Winter was about to put the bite on Porthos.

Athos and Constance are checking out the ham-mick.

Good night innernets. (D’Artagnan, who looks very bat-like here.)

Time for breakfast! From orange Athos and going clockwise we have: Athos, Aramis, d’Artagnan, Porthos, Winter, Rochefort and Constance.

“Hi, Uncle Archie! Where ya goin’, Uncle Archie? Wanna be friends? Let’s be friends, Uncle Archie!” (Uncle Archie did not want to be friends with Athos.)

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Constance and Rochefort play/fighting. There are a few good sproings in there!

“Hi!” (Aramis)

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Kitten Room Play Time! Winter watching D’Artagnan and Aramis fighting at the end cracks me up. She’s usually right in the middle of those tussles!

“Well HELLO good-looking!” (Rochefort)

Good night innernets. (Athos)

Good morning! (Winter)⁠

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Athos’s POP! straight up in the air at the beginning cracks me UP.

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Rochefort recommends you try the Porthos ears today. They’re especially tender and tasty!

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Watching the kittens play… and a look at just who is purring so loudly in my lap.

Hooray, hooray, Winter was adopted and went home today! (I am assured that we’ll get updates on her!) Happy life, sweet floofy girl.

Rochefort and Constance are growing up. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Athos gets the ol’ chomperoo from Porthos. Doesn’t seem to be too painful.

Good night innernets. (Rochefort)


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