9-29-20 Tuesday

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For the record, it’s getting harder to get pictures of all the foster kittens together.

Because someone…


Always decides he’s got better places to be. THANKS, Athos.

The lamps need examining, I guess.

D’Artagnan is so silky and soft.

Good ol’ Featherlips. (That feather was stuck to Porthos’s lip and I had to pull it off.)

“Where’d you put my tacos, lady?”

Porthos on the desk, trying to go higher (fortunately he wasn’t able to get up there. But give him time!)

D’Artagnan’s all “What’re you doing?”
“Give me your paw, I’ll pull you up!”

“Wait… where are you going?”
D’Artagnan’s all “Nah, I’ve been up there. It isn’t that exciting.”

There goes Rochefort with the feather teaser again.


With the kittens all asleep in another room, Archie claims the sherbet bed as his own.


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