9-16-20 Wednesday

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A year ago we were fostering, among others, Antoine and Madeline. This is what they looked like last summer (with Amelia behind them).

Antoine is now Aiden and Madeline is Molly, and here they are now!

His face is killing me.





Aren’t they BEAUTIFUL? Shawnee reports that although it’s hard to tell from the pictures, Aiden is twice Molly’s size… She is so dainty. She even eats and drinks like a proper little girl. She flops down on her back for belly rubs and gets away with everything. He’s basically a wrecking ball/snuggle bug. He loves chin scratches and he is very adamant about his meal schedule. She holds her own with him, though…even when he forgets he’s so much bigger. She’s really funny. We call her my tiny terror because she is always into stuff.

I LOVE updates on former fosters! (Thank you so much, Shawnee!)



Athos is eating the profits.

Athos keeping an eye on Aramis.

Shenanigans abound.

Rochefort checking out the tub.

Aramis and Athos are little posers.

D’Artagnan, out cold.

I vacuumed the other day and didn’t realize it, but all the kittens except Constance and d’Artagnan had stuffed themselves into the taco truck for safety.

Speaking of vacuuming, the other day I opened the hall closet (where the vacuum is kept) to put a towel away. D’Artagnan had been following me down the hall, so I figured he’d go racing into the closet as soon as I opened the door. Instead, he disappeared completely. I looked all over the place and then realized he was hiding under the bed. It appears that he made the connection that the hall closet is where the vacuum cleaner is kept, and he wanted NO PART of that.

Athos the poser. (Have you heard there’ll be a couple of these beds in the November auction? True story!)

And Porthos the poser!

Constance with the serious little face, mid-knead.


We got a big order of canned food from Chewy recently, and the instant I emptied the box, Newt (aka Pappy) hopped in and said “This will do nicely.” So we’ve started referring to this as his summer home and then I suppose it’ll be his fall home, etc, and it will stay here in this spot forever – or until he decides he no longer likes it. Or someone barfs in it.


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