9-22-20 Tuesday

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Laundry day! Did I have helpers? You know it!

Aramis declared himself the kitten in charge of socks. Porthos declared that he needed a nap first.

“You gots to soften ’em up before you fold ’em, lady.”

Rochefort and Constance helped by wrasslin’ in the basket of clean laundry.

Aramis took a break to stare off into space.

Athos kept an eye on the shirts.

Porthos and Aramis had a quick snuggle.

Aramis disappeared to parts unknown, so Rochefort took over sock duty.
“He sure wears a LOT of socks, lady,” said Rochefort. DON’T I KNOW IT.

D’Artagnan mostly stayed out of the laundry fray.

Portho says “Out there, past the back yard. Past the end of the street. Past the mountains… way way out there are our forever homes. They haven’t found us all yet. We just have to be patient. It’ll happen, guys. It’ll happen.”


Khal has pretty much claimed this level of the cat tree – located right next to the back door – as his own.


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