9-4-20 Friday

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So did Jake transfer his fascination with Stinkerbelle, Maxi, and Kara to Alice? Or is he like, “Bleah – she’s my kid sister for loons’ sake!”

Jake is interested in Alice if she wanders by, but he’s not fascinated with her the way he was with the other girls.


Oh my goodness, why are we not talking about the EARS on some of these kittens. Batman would be jealous.

Aren’t their ears AMAZING?


I’ve been meaning to tell you that the banner over your FB page makes me think of a super hero line-up. Maybe because they look like they’re in an arrow formation, or maybe because Planchet is out front with some ‘tude. It’s a great pic; can you put it out there for your loyal fans to put on some merch?

Do you want the picture itself to put on things (which I am happy to provide) or to have it uploaded at Zazzle so you can put it on things (which I am also happy to do)?


Miss Winter is wonderfully rumpled, or is that because you can’t help but pick her up every time she’s close by?

Unless she’s just been brushed (which, luckily, she likes), she tends to be rumpled. I do pick her up every time she’s near, though, so I’m sure I’m at least partly to blame.


How chill an Uncle is Archie?! I love that he’s so relaxed around the kittens, ready to tell them stories of his youth and dole out advice.

He’s pretty chill right up until too many of them get up in his space, then he goes on a smackathon. He does great with one or two kittens. When we had Josephine and Gabrielle running around early this year, and when Cutey and Clyde were waiting to go home a couple of months ago, he would watch them play and even occasionally play with them, but too many kittens stresses him out.


Have you seen this yet: https://www.sadanduseless.com/funny-expressions/

The site often has pet/animal themed posts. Today’s struck me as something Robyn, Fred and readers might enjoy seeing and doing. I liked the way some cats were distant from the drawings (Alice?). Not sure I’d recommend trying to hang an expression from a nose, though, it’d be apt to invite retribution!

I love it!


Rochefort has a sleepy.

Snuggling with Athos.

Sleepy Porthos. I guess it’s just a sleepy day.

D’Artagnan fell asleep playing with Athos’s tail.

Snuggly, smug Aramis.

Tiny Rochefort in the Tiny Basket.

Athos loves that Kitty Kasa. I had Fred drill a hole in the back of it so I could feed a cord through and put a heated pad in there. Never mind that with the heat index it’s been around 100ºF here lately, never mind that the kitten room (being located over the garage) is always the warmest room in the house during the summer, sometimes a guy needs a little more warmth, y’know?

Constance and Porthos are like “You mind? We gonna take a nap, lady.”

“I could go for a snuggle.”

Winter’s keeping an eye on things from the doorway.


That’s a bed full o’ floof, is what that is.


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