9-4-18 Tuesday

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In case you missed it on Instagram amd Facebook last night…

Calais and Moop went home – TOGETHER! – last night.

A really nice couple came to meet Arundel and Bethel Saturday afternoon, and – as is very often the way – ended up falling in love with Calais and Moop instead. Calais took one look at the man, climbed into his lap, groomed his beard, and fell asleep. She slept for a while, went to the food bowl, and climbed right back into his lap. Moop, on the other hand, showed off his goofy ways, and played the entire time they were here.

Those kittens are going to be SOME KIND OF SPOILED, and while I know y’all are disappointed that we didn’t keep Moop and we will all miss him, I think this is a good thing.

From every litter, many of you declare that one kitten or another needs to be made a permanent resident, and while I’d be lying if I said we didn’t very strongly consider it from time to time,
with every single litter, we decided to let Moop free to share his magical self with another family. (I love it when they go from here to their new homes without having to stop at Petsmart!)

Someone said to me last night “I didn’t realize they were available for adoption already!” Well, they are – when our fosters are spayed and neutered (right around 3 months old), they get their rabies vaccinations at the same time, and their other vaccinations a few days later. Then they’re ready to go unless there’s some sort of problem or illness. These kittens were kind enough to have their illnesses at the beginning of the fostering instead the end, so they’re ready to go.

They will be headed off to Petsmart (that’s the Jones Valley Petsmart on Bailey Cove Drive, here in Huntsville, Alabama) later this week. Which is to say – if you’re interested in one of these kittens, now’s the time to drop an email to info (at) ffhsv.org


“Moopy’s going where, now?”

Getting some last-minute cleaning from Dexter.

Gotta clean the floof!

And then we rest.

“Whatchoo mean I gotta get used to that little muppet cleaning me all the time?!”

“I can take my ball with me?” (Of course I sent a bag of toys home with them.)

Calais, burning off some energy.

A last hug from Otis.

I did manage to get one last picture of all 9 of them together.

And a second one – the eyes on Bethel, Arundel and Calais are cracking me UP. Here, let’s see a cropped version:

I love the slightly differing shades of green eyes (and the photobomb by Otis.)


Archie takes a bath and considers his next move (which likely has something to do with dish towels.)


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9-4-18 Tuesday — 16 Comments

  1. cats pick their people. My cat Tibby LURVES my brother and goes insane when he comes to visit. He goes home covered in cat hair and has some ‘splaining to do to his cat Jasper when he returns home.

  2. I love that in both shots of The Nine (oooh, Ringwraiths, they aren’t) that Dexter is looking off to his own little world

  3. Ahh, the notorious “climb up his/her lap, fall asleep” trick! This is how my beloved house panther Topik adopted me… Lost him to FIP in March, miss him horribly…

  4. Yay for right out of the house adoptions!! Have a wonderful life Moop (are they calling him that?) and Calais!!!

    • If they dont call him Moop, I hope he’ll get something Mr. Fancypantsier (check out the box pic on Mr. F’s perm res page – Moop’s his spittin’ image). Something 19th C. European aristocracy, maybe. Baron Kennebricht von BörkBörk (aka The Black Baron); or Lord Kennebunckingham, 3rd Earl of Borkfordshire; or Le Marquinnebunc du Borque du Borque, later known as the Sun Spot King…

  5. I hope this lovely couple will send you updates on these two, I really want to see the grownup fluff on Moop!

  6. I am happy that Kennebunk McMoopersons was adopted by a good family… I’m just sorry that we won’t be able to watch him grow up. Good luck, Kittens! Have a great long life!!

  7. This is fantastic news! I love when cats get adopted together 🙂
    My sister recently got a new kitten, and she has helped my cat become more open to other people.
    I’m surprised at how fast they got on with each other, at first, there was a lot of growling and hissing, mostly from my cat, but after just a couple of days, they were running around playing with each other, and a couple of days after that, they were grooming each other.
    I think the kitten will probably end up being bigger than my cat, she’s already heavier than her, even though she is smaller, which is weird, she is catching up to her though.
    Anyway, I hope the other cats have good luck on their adoptions as well.