9-3-18 Monday

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Saturday morning, as I was about to go hang out with the kittens, Archie let me know that he was interested in joining me. I didn’t have a camera with me (he took me by surprise!), so I only caught a couple of pictures with my phone.

First, Archie peeked into Fred’s room and was all “Ugh. KITTENS. I didn’t know there’d be KITTENS up here!”

Then he passed Calais in the hall, and they casually nodded to each other.

Then Calais said “::squealing brakes:: WAIT WHO WAS THAT?!” and she went a bit floofy. Bethel hadn’t really noticed Archie, but she joined her sister in solidarity.

The picture’s a bit blurry, but I think you can get the idea of just how Calais felt about this development.

Calais began following Archie around.

Archie said “STOP FOLLOWING ME AROUND, KITTEN.” (Please note Otis on the cat tree, watching the drama.)

And Bethel was like “I feel safer up here!”

Then Archie stomped back from whence he came and demanded to be let out, never to return. (I mean, maybe he’ll return eventually. We’ll have to see!)

Buxton and Calais walked through the room and sniffed every inch of the floor where Archie had been.

Then Otis sharpened his claws while Arundel came from wherever she’d been and said “Did something happen?”

Dexter came wandering along to sharpen his claws.

Then they all gathered around the smaller cat tree to talk about how awesome the whole experience was.

Then they played.

Buxton said “I feel like I missed something?”

Otis watched to see if that big kitty was coming back.


When she’s not partaking of fresh catnip, Alice likes to hang out in this corner of the yard. She THOUGHT she was safe from the paparazzi, but not so much. I’ve got a telephoto lens and I’m not afraid to use it, Alice Mo!

YouTube link

Side note: I uploaded that Alice Mo video/theme song on YouTube nearly 7 years ago, and it’s had nearly 6,500 views. Somehow, I suspect it’s the same 5 or 10 of us watching it every time I post it, and for some reason that just cracks me UP.


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9-3-18 Monday — 11 Comments

  1. Still think that given the opportunity Archie would make an excellent Uncle, despite his “quit following me around, dweeb” comments.

    And if Alice weren’t so against mingling with the populace at large and especially those of a certain age bracket, she would make a really cool Aunt.

  2. Can you imagine the kittens’ reactions if they ever saw Uncle Archie discipline a dish towel? 😀

  3. Many of those views are mine, I think! My (almost) 6-year old daughter is obsessed with Alice Mo’s theme song. OBSESSED.