9-14-20 Monday

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Rochefort watchin’ birds.

D’Artagnan keepin’ Aramis’s ears clean.

D’Artagnan and I love this basket, which came in the CatLady Box last month. (I just kind of wish that the ears weren’t loops – I wouldn’t leave that on the floor for the kittens to hang out in because you KNOW they’d get their little heads stuck. Of course, that’s not what the basket is MADE for, so I’m not going to complain. Also, look how CUTE.)

Porthos finds it the perfect size for hiding in.

Aramis prefers a little more room, thank you.

D’Artagnan actually likes this overstuffed bed in the guest bedroom, too.

Athos looks like he’s lying in a bowl of rainbow sherbet.

Aramis and Constance mid-tussle (and Porthos looking on in the background.)

Sleepy Athos.

I moved a few things around, so naturally d’Artagnan and Constance had to come snoopervise.

Athos hanging out in the top of the cat tree.

Constance’s face is cracking me UP.


Let me say once again that adding the screened porch to the back of the house is one of the best improvements we’ve ever made. The cats LOVE IT out there and spend all night out there watching the wildlife (raccoons and possums) go by.


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