9-14-18 Friday

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By the way, why on earth aren’t Torvill and Oksana adopted yet?? It’s breaking my heart!

I have no idea what’s taking their people so darned long to find them, but I wish they’d hurry it up already! In the meantime, don’t worry too much about them – they had a two-week break at Michelle’s house, so they haven’t been in a cage constantly since they left here. And the awesome volunteers who clean at Petsmart give them lots of attention and plenty of time to stretch their legs. But I do wish their people would hurry up!


Oh dear Lord, please keep me from killing my “kitten”…. need to vent I guess. We found the little stinker last year almost dead in a persons yard, rushed to vet care now I have a monster!!!!! HELP!!! So rambunctious and demanding. Which I really don’t mind except when she is not happy and cries -wants outside during rain storms

Does she have any other cats who’ll play with her? I think she either needs a friend, or you need to exhaust her by playing with her until she’s tired out.


Isn’t Charlotte back at Petsmart or Challengers House? Can you revive the “Former fosters available again” sidebar for her? We need to get that beautiful grey girl adopted again. We Carolina girls stick up for each other!

We have TWO returned fosters, and they’re both currently at Challenger’s House. Charlotte from the Carolina kittens litter, and Wellington from the ‘Maters litter. They’re both over there in the sidebar under “returned fosters,” and each have their own page – Charlotte here and Wellington here.

(And I hope you Carolinans are safe and away from that darn Florence!)


Khal is awesome, such a handsome man. How did they determine his age?

They looked at his teeth when he was being neutered and made an educated guess … I’m not sure how correct they are, but we’re going with it!


Otis’s markings are very similar to my Eddy’s: tabby ears, raccoon tail, and a few spots of useless tabby camouflage, but otherwise white. Anyone know if there is a name for this (like tuxie or torby)?

Sourpuss said: I had a black and white cat once who wasn’t exactly a tuxie and had about equal amounts of both colours.

As a kitten, I took him to a mixed breed cat show put on by a university that had one of the better vet programs here (Canada) and the judge told me he was called a “Parti-colored” cat. I’m not sure if that’s accurate or even a thing nowadays (this was a long time ago) but I’d be interested to know, too.

( Btw, he won 2nd place as best kitten and 1st place for best coat. )

Good question, and thanks, Sourpuss!


Sweet Miss Millie senses that something’s up.

As long as you’re comfy, Millie.

Arundel takes her nappin’ seriously.

Bethel takes a break from napping for a little snack.

“What? I’m hungry and this phone was right here!”

“If it’s not meant for snackin’, then it shouldn’t be made of yum!”

Sleepy Dexter.

“What doin’, weird lady?”

Bethel, giving Dexter a bath.

“Watchin’ you, lady.”

Bird watching with Arundel.

Napping with Bethel and Eliot.

The kittens are heading out of here later this morning, going to Petsmart. I am having a particularly hard time parting with this bunch (it’s so very much easier when they go straight from here to their new home!) and I’m hoping not to shed too many tears when I leave them. Adoptions have been pretty good lately and they’re a particularly awesome, cute, and snuggly bunch, so I am hopeful they’re adopted quickly. Fingers crossed!

(I have a few more pictures of them to share, so you’ll be seeing their faces again in Monday’s post.)


Archie’s favorite place to sleep – it’s in a central location (right next to Fred’s recliner and within glaring distance of the litter box), so he can be found snoozing there most evenings.


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  1. OH! I almost didn’t recognize Archie for a second there. It actually took me a minute. He looks so different without this “I will cut you” face…almost like he’s in a good mood! 😀 <3 He must have had a successful day of wrasslin' dishtowels.

  2. Dear Arundel’s People:

    Hurry up and get her at PetSmart – my husband really, really does not think we have room for another kitty, and if she stays too long at PetSmart … I’m more likely to find myself in a roadtrippin’ kind of mood.

    A mama of a dog, cat, and three chickens already

  3. Oh, I so hoped all would have been adopted straight from your home! But this will get them before even more eyeballs, some hearts will be touched, and families will happen. If I were not vacationing in France, I would have had to struggle not to make the long drive your way and adopt Arundel and whichever other kitten she suggests (I adore them all…this was a very special cobbled together litter who came into their own thanks to you!) I’ll be headed home soon,and look forward to adoption news for them, and Oskana & Torvill, and the returnees. Any word on how Katia and Kristi are doing?

    • Word is that they’re making very slow progress – but definitely progress – with Katia, and having Kristi there is helping.

  4. I’m the person who asked why Torvill and “Katarina” hadn’t been adopted yet. Which I immediately realized upon posting was the wrong name so I corrected “Katarina” to “Oksana”. It’s fixed in the comments, so not sure why it’s wrong here unless Miz Robyn snagged it in the minute or so it took me to fix it 🙂

    • Comments are emailed to me, and I wasn’t paying attention when I cut and pasted. I’m glad you said something today, because I clearly did NOT even notice. One day I’m going to start paying attention to what I’m doing, but today is not that day. 🙂