Wellington was our foster back in 2012 along with his brothers and their mother, Brandywine. They were all named after tomatoes, and their litter name was The ‘Maters.

Wellington (top) and his brother Mr. Stripey.

Wellington was adopted when he was 4 months old, but was returned to Challenger’s House in May 2018. His family had had a child in the interim and Wellington developed allergies and required a lot of medical attention, which hit the family hard financially.

His allergies are under control with the proper food and medication, and he’s now at the shelter performing duties as the head greeter to those humans who enter the cat room. He’s a sweet, friendly, sociable boy who gets along well with other cats. You can see pictures of him now at the Challenger’s House Facebook page.

Update 11/26/19: Wellington was adopted and went to his forever home yesterday along with Charlotte. We couldn’t be happier for those sweet kitties!