Charlotte was our foster back in 2016, one of a cobbled-together litter we named after cities and towns in North and South Carolina and thus referred to as The Carolina Kittens.

Charlotte was adopted in December 2016, but was returned to Challenger’s House in the summer of 2018. She has skin/health issues that requires monitoring, and daily medication that she isn’t fond of:

The vet sent off samples for allergy testing and said she was allergic to “everything.” Here’s the list: bermuda grass, corn pollen, dermatophagiodes farinse & d. pteronyssinus (mites), lamb’s quarters, maple mix, oak mix, perennial rye grass, shagbark hickory, short/tall ragweed, staphage lysate, & tyrophagus putrescentiae (mite). The testing is done by Heska labs and then they mix up a concoction especially to control each individual cat’s sensitivities. You use a very small amount so it lasts a long time and as they reformulate and give less, over time it may desensitize. But she will probably have to have a drop or 2 per dose for the rest (or most) of her life. And she really isn’t that hard to dose once you know where she hides herself.

You can see video of her shortly after she returned to Challenger’s House on Facebook here, and a more recent video of her after a few months of monitoring and medication here. You can also see more pictures of her on the Challenger’s House Facebook page. She looks wonderful, and that sweet girl just wants to be loved.

Charlotte is currently at the Challenger’s House shelter in North Alabama. If you would like more information about her or would like to meet her, please call 256-420-5995 or email challengershouse (at)