9-24-20 Thursday

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A box full o’ cute is what we have right there.

Have I mentioned that Aramis is SUCH a pretty boy? Probably not, so now I’m telling you: SO pretty.

Athos always looks so amused.

Aramis is all “Do you mind, lady? We is having a tussle.”

And Constance is all “Do you mind, lady? I’m having a nap here.”

If a cat drawn by Allie Brosh came to life, it would look just like d’Artagnan.

Snuggling with Athos and Porthos and Aramis and Constance.

Sleepy little muffins.

Checking out the view. Porthos is like “Hey! There are birds out this window too!”

Know what the bed in the guest room could use? A few more cat beds.


That’s some happy-looking catnip and a happy-looking Newt.


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