9-9-19 Monday

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I’m sensing a little attitude from Henri (back), Luc (left) and Fleur.

Henri gets his ::thlurrrp:: on.

Luc’s all “Nope! No room in here for any other kitty! So sorry! Move along!”

A basket of Fleur and Beauregard.

Beauregard says “LOOK, innernets! I’ve got toeses AND a spotty belly!”

“You wasn’t invited to this meeting, lady,” say Luc and Josephine. (Luc has reached that point that all gray kittens do – his eyes are nearly the exact same color as his fur. I don’t expect this to be his permanent eye color, but it’s cool in the short period of time that his eyes match his fur.)

Look how nicely Margeaux is posing! Josephine and Beauregard can’t believe it either. It lasted but a moment, though, because then she jumped down and sauntered away.

Katriane and the kittens. There might’ve been a feather teaser up there.

Beauregard-topped sprinkle donuts are VERY popular these days.

Fleur will floof up and hop sideways no matter wherever she is.

Josephine’s trying to nap and doesn’t appreciate the interruption.


Well, well, well. Looks like the sheriff isn’t quite as squeaky clean as we’ve been led to believe.


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