9-23-19 Monday

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Henri’s hanging with Mama.

Josephine kills me dead with those Precious Moments eyes. DEAD, I SAY.

Yes, Katriane, you’ve got gorgeous eyes, too!

“While you’re handing out compliments, lady…” You’re gorgeous too, Gabrielle!

Luc always looks so amused.

Guilty little faces. Gabrielle in the front, Fleur in the back, Beauregard to the right.

Sassy little muffins Josephine and Beauregard.

Henri’s all “Paws UP, y’all!”

Beauregard and Gabrielle are all “May we help you, lady?”

Remember when I mentioned that the kittens find the litter mats comfy? Here’s proof – Fleur, Henri and Gabrielle, out cold. Well, at least I guess they won’t get covered in litter!


Alice Mo the Calico says “You ain’t my Daddy, yo.”

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