9-17-19 Tuesday

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“Yes, I’ve captured Josephine’s tail. I would never bite it, though. Not ME!”

They sure do love that donut bed.

5 of the 6! Left to right: Fleur, Josephine, Gabrielle, Henri and Beauregard. Luc was over on the donut bed and couldn’t be bothered to join us.

Or maybe Luc was on top of the cat tree. He loves hanging out there.

Henri’s trying to figure me out.

Gabrielle says “You ain’t that mysterious, lady.”

It’s an Henri in a giant teacup, if you please.

And a Luc in a Toasty Cat bed.

Henri in the giant Croc, showing off his spotted belly. He likes that bed and that position quite a bit.

Beauregard, looking smug with litter on his nose.


Khal enjoys the sun.


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