9-30-19 Monday

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There’s a mini-auction Rescue Bracelet fundraiser going on now through Sunday (October 6th) over at the auction Facebook page which benefits Forgotten Felines of Huntsville. Click through to the post on the auction page, read the rules, and get to bidding on these beautiful bracelets!


“Just hanging out, lady. You gots a problem with that?”

Sleepy Luc.

Did I mention that the kittens now get the run of the entire house? Beauregard and Gabrielle think the big cat tree in my bedroom is AWESOME.

Henri says “Yeah, I guess it’s okay.”

Katriane wonders if I have any plans for that feather teaser.

So, once the kittens were able to get up and over the box blocking the foster room doorway, we blocked the top of the stairs with the big piece of cardboard so they were at least confined to the upstairs. However, since Katriane and Margeaux had had the run of the entire house, they had a meeting and decided that no stinkin’ piece of cardboard was going to keep them from going downstairs. So they figured out how to pull it away from the doorway and get downstairs. Then Fred was SUPER sick of listening to them constantly digging at the cardboard, and we decided to see what happened if we just gave the kittens the run of the entire house.

“What you MEAN there’s an entire other level to this house?!” Luc said.

Archie got a look at Henri and Margeaux.

“Lady, seriously?” he said.

And Henri said “Oooh, who’s THAT? He’s fabulous!”

There’s been very little reaction from the permanent residents, who couldn’t possibly care less about kittens, and who spend most of their days out on the screened porch (none of the fosters have figured out the cat doors to the back porch, and let’s keep our fingers crossed that they never do). The kittens, Margeaux and Katriane get the run of the house during the day, and then spend the night locked in their foster room. It’s working out well, and although he swears up and down that he hates kittens, I notice that Archie spends a lot of time watching them play.

Beauregard, making himself at home in the permanent residents’ litter box.

Josephine, Gabrielle and Henri discovered that this doll bed is heated, and they approve.

It’s Katriane’s favorite place to hang out during the day, so they made room for her.

We are down to less than two weeks until Margeaux and Katriane go home – and just a few days after that, the kittens go for their spay and neuter surgeries. They’ll be 12 weeks old on Wednesday. I say this because if anyone out there is seriously interested in adopting any of these kittens, now’s the time to speak up and get the ball rolling. You can email Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org to apply.


Newt’s the permanent resident in charge of cat food can cleanliness, and Beauregard wonders if he needs an intern.


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