9-18-19 Wednesday

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Beauregard and Luc hanging out on the giant donut; Josephine waiting her turn.

Josephine got tired of waiting, and went to take a nap on the cat tree.

Luc just loves hanging out on top of that little cat tree. And he looks good doing it!

This squirrel sat on the window will eating sunflower seeds that had fallen from the window-mounted feeder, and Margeaux found this situation VERY interesting.

Then that squirrel jumped down to the walkway, and Margeaux was so interested in watching THAT squirrel that she never noticed the OTHER squirrel on the other side.

“What’s a ‘squirrel’?” wonders Josephine.

Luc in his Toasty Cat bed with his leg flopped over the butter toy. As you do.

Henri shows off his absolutely fabulous stripes.

Tiny Josephine in the Tiny Basket.

Sunshine gives Katriane the Crazy Eyes.


When the temperature outside is over 100 Farenheit, Newt likes to come inside and curl up on the couch with a warm blanket.


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