8-30-19 Friday

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Are Jacque’s eyes that stunning in real life?

They are exactly the deep gorgeous blue you see in his pictures. So pretty!


Can I see Katriane, Francois & Henri side by side pretty, pretty please! The internets need this.

If I’d been able to remember between my desk and the foster room that you were asking for Katriane, Francois and Henri, then the answer probably would have been yes. However, I got it into my head that you asked for Katriane, Francois and Jacques, so that’s what you’re getting. (I’ll see if I can manage Katriane, Francois and Henri later.)


Has there been any interaction with the Permanent Resident Uncles/Aunts yet?!

The permanent residents have seen Katriane and Margeaux and mostly ignored them. They’ve seen Jacques and Francois and also ignored them (I think there might have been a hiss or two.) There’s been zero interaction between the permanent residents and the little ones, though. I’m sure it won’t be long before that happens!


It seems to me that Luc and Beau are together in an awful lot of your pictures. Would you say they’re best buds, or is this more by chance?

It’s just by chance. I haven’t noticed any kittens pairing off yet, though I’ll be keeping an eye on them in the next few weeks in case there’s some bonding going on.


Do you get the impression that Francois has a lot to say?

“Gimme that toy, lady.” Jacques always looks so serious.

Margeaux gets her ::thlurrrp:: on.

Francois keeping an eye on me.

Jacques shows Beauregard what to do once you’ve captured the feather teaser.

Oh, that FACE.

There may have been a feather teaser up there.

“Excuse us, lady, we is tryin’ to sleep.” (Fleur and Henri.)

Talking in his sleep.

Katriane’s keeping an eye on me, but Margeaux’s tired of my nonsense.


Sleepy Alice wishes I’d go away.

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