8-19-19 Monday

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Luc’s not feeling very much Monday motivation.

Neither is Beauregard. (Not that I blame them.)

Margeaux’s keeping her belly cool and also blocking off access to the milk bar. She’s no dummy.

Beauregard’s awake now and worried he missed something (he didn’t.)

I spoke too soon. He’s out again, this time with the IKEA rat standing guard.

Fleur the cutie. I got that box when Charles and Caroline and their kittens were with us, and it’s being slowly eaten. One day I’ll walk in and there’ll be nothing but a small corner of the box left.

When the milk bar also serves as a bed. Kittens are so RUDE.

Watching Margeaux eat.

Okay, there’s the milk bar with 5 kittens lined up. Where’s number 6?

Oh hi, Henri. He was sound asleep and opened his eyes just as I took the picture. Looking at this makes my neck hurt.

In case you missed it on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Tumblr on Saturday, we have an adoption pending on Margeaux and Katriane (together!) They’ll be with us until mid-October, and then will be going home (did I mention together?)

I knew that they were friends, but didn’t think they were particularly bonded – but letting them out to run around the house showed me that they really are. If they’re apart for too long, they’ll look for each other. They prefer to hang out in the same room, even if they’re not right next to each other. Saturday morning we set a litter container in the doorway to the foster room so that Katriane and Margeaux could go in and out at will (they kept digging to come out and then howling to go back in, so this made it a lot easier on the humans). They’ll come out, wander around a bit, and then go right back into the foster room. It’s very very sweet.


Oh, that Jake. Isn’t he the cutest?


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