8-1-19 Thursday

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Margeaux’s kittens are 3 weeks old as of yesterday, and here’s what they looked like as newborns and as 3 week olds.







Here’s a look at the milk bar when they were 2 days old, compared to yesterday.

It’s shrinking!

Esmee (top) and Jacques, Madeline (top) and Francois. I really like the way this shows off the difference in their eye colors.

Amelie waits her turn for the donut.

Francois watching his mama play.

Madeline still fits in that shipping tube!

Antoine tried to belly up to the milk bar, but Katriane started cleaning his ears, and it put him to sleep. She’s a wily one.

Antoine came face to face with Uncle Frankie, and felt it prudent to don his floof suit.


Frankie’s all “What’s HIS problem?”


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