8-1-18 Wednesday

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It takes KennyBorkBorkMoopleton, Esquire, a long time to dry – and then when he is dry, he looks like he’s still wet because his curls clump together. I have to ruffle him up to floof up his curls, which he kinda likes.

Such a cute little talker.

Bethel’s thinking about her next move.

Sleepy Buxton.

Sleepy Dexter.

Same kitten, same bed, different blanket, different day.

Oh, those laundry helpers. SO helpful.

Arundel is just the sweetest little muffin.

Otis needs a snuggle.

Millie and her teeny tongue.

“I, Calais, do solemnly swear that I will let the other kittens have some baby food instead of eating it all myself.”

Snuggly, sleepy muffinheads.

The kittens have now reached the stage of well-being wherein it sounds as though we have 75 baby elephants thundering back and forth across the room upstairs. They race for the door when they hear me opening it, they race back and forth and jump up on me and on each other and bite each other and squeal in outrage when they’re bitten in turn. It’s nice to have them acting like real kittens!


Frankie, with attitude.


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8-1-18 Wednesday — 10 Comments

  1. Hello, beautiful Frankie!
    So glad to hear the kittens are now doing well. I still don’t have a favorite in this litter. I would have to adopt a whole bunch! They are like the old Lays potato chip commercial….”You cant have just one….”

  2. Frankie is gorgeous.

    Also, I may have spent the morning saying “Borkbork McMoopington” randomly as I was choring. And Angus may or may not be “Bubba Borkbork Mclouderson The Third, Esq.” I don’t think he minds as long as I keep up with the pettins.

  3. Frankie IS a tasty morsel.

    Oh Dexter. You may bundle him and Arundel up, and send them up to Canada.

  4. Mr BorkBork seems to like being the Star of the show. Wish he lived closer !!!

  5. HA! 75 baby elephants! I too have a small herd of elephants living in my upstairs, but when I go up there, there is only one or two adult cats. Those elephants are sneaky!



    That is all.

    Sorry, I couldn’t contain that any longer :-\

  7. 🙂 Could you please add the first pic today of KennyBorBorkMcMoopleton, Esq to the favorites page? I’m sure you will enjoy looking back on it when this whole schmingschmerm episode is finally over with. Plus he’s adorable on his own (wet or dry)!

  8. So those two pics of KennyBorkBorkMoopleton, Esquire, do they show him in his dry-but-pre-floof state? Or is that what he looks like when he’s wet? Can you do a close-up of his dry-pre-floof state so that we can see his adorable clumped up curls? Also, I zoomed in on that first photo, and he’s adorable. Can you re-post a zoomed-in version of that photo on Friday so that everyone can see? Thank you!