8-15-19 Thursday

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Margeaux’s kittens turned 5 weeks old yesterday!

They still fit at the milk bar, amazingly enough.

Here are current portraits of each of them, in random order.

Fleur. (She is the easiest to get a portrait of, ’cause she’s a little poser. AND a lapkitten.)

Beauregard. (Still hasn’t lost that perpetual look of amazement.)

Luc. (Looks grumpy, but is a curious little lovebug.)

Josephine. (Always with the “What doin’ weird lady?” head tilt.)

Gabrielle. (Such a serious little face.)

Henri. (The chunkiest of the monkeys – the first one over 1 pound, the first one to eat canned food.)

Though there isn’t a big change in their appearance in the past week, they’ve grown a lot in other ways. In the past week they’ve gone from discovering the litter box to mastering it (I haven’t found an accident since Saturday morning, and have felt confident enough in their skills to pick up the pee pads and put down the litter mats). They were struggling to get into the big litter boxes last week – even with the steps in place – and now they’re in and out with no problem at all. They’ve gone from hanging out in or very near the Chewy box to sleeping in a different corner under the built-in desk, and roaming all over the room (though they do return to under the desk to sleep.) They’re playing with toys, they’re wrestling with each other, they’re close to mastering walking, running, and skittering. They looked like real cats last week, but now they’re acting like real cats. This is a fun stage because they’re still so little, but act like big cats. They haven’t really done any climbing, but this weekend I’ll move some of the small cat trees back into the room and see how it goes.

We’ve got three kittens (Henri, Gabrielle and Fleur) now over 1 pound, and the other three not far behind. You can see their weight chart at the bottom of their page.

They still get baths, of course.

Margeaux cannot abide a dirty kitten.

Sleepy Fleur.

Fleur loves that long-tailed mouse.

And she’s got skills!

They sure do love their Kitty Cardboard “apartment.”


Newt has a grumpy.


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