8-20-19 Tuesday

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We have an update! You remember these little faces, I trust.

Amelie (left) and Esmee, back at the beginning of June.

Here they are now, all curled up with their big brother Bits.

Emily said that Pippa (formerly Esmee) and Kate (formerly Amelie) follow Bits everywhere. You have no idea how happy it makes me to see Bits so enamored with them. His behavior has improved so much in such a short time just from having playmates. He doesn’t bother the older cats at all.

How absolutely wonderful is that? (Thank you, Emily!)


They’re starting to climb the couch. Are they climbing the two cat trees? Don’t be silly. That’s no FUN.

Usually they just climb a little and then drop back to the floor, but Fleur made it all the way up. She startled herself and got all floofy.

Beauregard is all “What doin’, lady?”

Fleur the cutie.

Henri takin’ it easy.

Basket full o’ cute.

Luc really likes that toy – it’s one of the ones that’s supposed to chirp, but it has stopped chirping for some reason. I keep hoping it’ll suddenly start chirping again, preferably when Luc is playing with it, preferably when I’m present, because I’d love to see his reaction.

Katriane loves any toy with feathers on it.

A boy, his curvy scratcher, and his baguette. (Luc)

Gabrielle wrestling with Henri and giving me the crazy eyes.

I guess I was actually wrong earlier when I said they’re not climbing the cat trees. MOST of them aren’t, but Henri is clearly ahead of his siblings. The little showoff.

Oh that Luc.

Margeaux amongst the permanent residents. At first glance, I totally thought she was Dewey!


The Toes of Alice. The best way to start off your Toesday!

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