8-20-19 Tuesday

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We have an update! You remember these little faces, I trust.

Amelie (left) and Esmee, back at the beginning of June.

Here they are now, all curled up with their big brother Bits.

Emily said that Pippa (formerly Esmee) and Kate (formerly Amelie) follow Bits everywhere. You have no idea how happy it makes me to see Bits so enamored with them. His behavior has improved so much in such a short time just from having playmates. He doesn’t bother the older cats at all.

How absolutely wonderful is that? (Thank you, Emily!)


They’re starting to climb the couch. Are they climbing the two cat trees? Don’t be silly. That’s no FUN.

Usually they just climb a little and then drop back to the floor, but Fleur made it all the way up. She startled herself and got all floofy.

Beauregard is all “What doin’, lady?”

Fleur the cutie.

Henri takin’ it easy.

Basket full o’ cute.

Luc really likes that toy – it’s one of the ones that’s supposed to chirp, but it has stopped chirping for some reason. I keep hoping it’ll suddenly start chirping again, preferably when Luc is playing with it, preferably when I’m present, because I’d love to see his reaction.

Katriane loves any toy with feathers on it.

A boy, his curvy scratcher, and his baguette. (Luc)

Gabrielle wrestling with Henri and giving me the crazy eyes.

I guess I was actually wrong earlier when I said they’re not climbing the cat trees. MOST of them aren’t, but Henri is clearly ahead of his siblings. The little showoff.

Oh that Luc.

Margeaux amongst the permanent residents. At first glance, I totally thought she was Dewey!


The Toes of Alice. The best way to start off your Toesday!

YouTube link


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8-20-19 Tuesday — 16 Comments

  1. Oh, Kate and Pippa look so chill! That they’re so happy in their home makes me happy too.

    I love their foodie toys! Pizza, a baguette, fish taco…lol.

  2. Kate and Pippa are those gorgeous royals across the pond. Those kittehs are so worldly! And so glad everyone’s in love. There’s nothing better than a content kitty home. Congrats, Emily!

  3. Augh, Kate and Pippa are so content! And they’ve gotten so big! I love that they have a playmate and have solved a problem all in one. Happy kitties!

  4. I’m hoping I can get some advice from the experts here. I lost my CJ in March and adopted a 1 1/2 year old girl kitty a few weeks later. Gracie walked out of the carrier, sat on my feet and purred. She has been my shadow ever since. Because she is young, I thought Gracie might like a playmate and last Wednesday I adopted a 2 year old orange boy named Newton. He is from a hoarding situation and is very shy. When I met him at the foster mom’s house he was afraid and jumpy, but after about an hour he came over to me, sniffed my hand and allowed some pets. I brought him home and he basically has been under the loveseat in my dining room ever since. He is using the litter box and I moved his water and food bowl near the love seat so he is eating and drinking. I talk to him all the time telling him what a good boy he is, etc. I know I need to be patient with him and I don’t expect him to be my lap kitty any time soon. I just want to help him. It hurts me to know he is so stressed. I just want to do whatever I can to make it better for him. He really is not food driven and he has a sensitive stomach so giving him treats is not a good idea. I have his favorite toys all around and his foster mom gave me his favorite bed and I put it near his hiding spot. I don’t think Gracie is part of the problem. She is ignoring him right now. Is there anything I can do to help him transition and be less stressed?

    • Time! He will have to feel comfortable first. When you go in the room continue to talk to him, but, let him come to you. Have you tried Feliway?
      Move his and Gracie’s food bowls closer to see what happens. Don’t push it!

    • I agree with Carol above. It will just take some more time. I adopted two adult cats from a very stressful situation and they hid under my bed for two whole weeks. Finally they emerged and were shy but eventually they became complete love-kitties and were very friendly with me and my other cats. You’re doing everything right so far. I bet Gracie will come around too.

    • As others said, it takes time. My very friendly (to me) adoptee, Cassie, hid under the bed for a couple of days. Eventually she would come out, but any noise, and back under. They have to get used to the PLACE as well as the people and other animals. Feliway can help.

      Also, try not to worry. If YOU are stressed, they will pick up on it and it makes it worse for them. Sit calmly nearby and project love. Picture kitty coming out from under and getting petting from you. It will happen. He will be nervous even of the petting at first, but it will get better. He may never be Mr. Social Butterfly.

    • You may want to try to separate the kitties for awhile in separate rooms. That might allow Newton to get comfortable with you, without Gracie there to scare him. Swapping bedding, swapping locations, and feeding them near each other (with a door in between) can also help get them used to each other. Like others said. It’s SLOW. I rescued all 4 of my kitties at different times and NONE of them like each other, but we have peaceful coexistence most of the time, and that’s all I can hope for. Good Luck! And thanks for rescuing Newton.

    • Thanks to everyone for your words of wisdom. I’ll try Feliway and see if that helps. I know that inside scared Newton is a lover boy. He was very affectionate to his foster mom, but he had been with her for 8-9 months. I’ll spend more time with him and will just have to wait. The poor guy has been through some big trauma and now he is in another different scary place. I’ll do whatever it takes for how long it takes to get him comfortable in his forever home. He is worth the wait.

    • And…Gracie is fine with Newton right now. There has been no hissing or growling. She is a bit curious, but doesn’t try to go near him. Newton’s foster mom says he LOVES other cats and Gracie lived with many other cats in her foster home without problems, so I’m hoping that there won’t be any big issues when he does come out of hiding. Thank you all again.

      • I agree with everyone else too, for the record – given time, Newton will come around. (And also, I love the name!)

  5. When I first got Stardust after her return, she hid and wouldn’t come out. She would skitter away if I made a quick move,,, what won her over is I just sat down on the floor and read a book. Multiple days. In a smallish room that had her food, water and litter. When she got confident enough, I could pet her, and she slowly got over her fears and could join the others.

    • Thank you! I will spend more time with Newton and just wait for him to come to me. Poor baby Stardust! I’m so glad you rescued her.

  6. I had one of those chirpy toys, two actually because one stopped chirping too. The ‘dead’ one did start working again when it got whapped really hard. Now when they stop I squeeze them, working the inside works around until they connect properly again. I think the battery gets knocked out of place. I also keep an eye on it to make sure it’s not falling apart, which isnt a real worry since my current three can take it or leave it. It was my old kitty, Star, who loved the chirper the most. Usually we only hear it now if someone accidentally kicks it.

    Yay for Pippa, Kate and their new buddy Bits (which is the cutest name!)

    Love Alice’s multicolored toe beans!

    • Oh, I’ll give that a try – I had assumed that when they’re dead, they’re dead. If I can “save” the dead toy, it’ll make me happy!