8-21-19 Wednesday

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Luc stepped on this strap and it popped up in front of him, and he wasn’t sure what he thought about that… or what he should do.


He gave up on the milk bar and went to lay in front of the litter box so everyone would feel sorry for him.

Fleur the lapkitten.

“Still so weird, lady.” Thanks, Josephine.

Fleur’s going to find it hard to fold that blanket with the laundry basket sitting on it, but she’s still gotta try.

Margeaux’s enjoying the wrestling match.

Katriane thinks Gabrielle needs a smack, and I do believe she’s right.

It’s not Toesday, but Beauregard would like you to admire his toeses anyway.

Why do I own 7,000 cat beds when they prefer a pile of towels instead?

Katriane is very very pleased with herself.


“How YOU doin’?” Archie wonders.


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8-21-19 Wednesday — 7 Comments

  1. Hiiiii, Archie!

    *waves frantically at the handsome boy with his adorable white tippy toes*


  2. Sweet baby Luc… I really love his reflection too in that first picture. It increases the sweetness even more!!

    On another note… it sure would be great to get a Tony Pickle update!!! (Inspired by the 2012 entry) That’s true for all of the Pickles — but especially that wee scrappy little guy 🙂

  3. Do you have to dry off with the cat beds, since your towels are all furry? Maybe that’s why you have so many cat beds??? Well, that and it’s a sickness, because they’re so cute. (Beds and Cats)