8-22-19 Thursday

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Henri watches Fleur and Gabrielle to be sure they follow the rules.

Gabrielle might’ve won that one.

The giant Croc bed is out (I put it there so they’d have an easier way from the tree to the floor) and the kittens approve.

Josephine always looks so serious.

“Where… is… the milk bar?! I swear it was JUST here!”

“But it’s just GONE!”

“This ain’t your milk bar, kid. Keep it moving.”

Beauregard requests that you get those paws up.

Fleur considered stepping onto Margeaux, but then decided against it.

Oh those girls. (Margeaux on the left, Katriane on the right.)

The kittens are 6 weeks old now – as of yesterday – and got their first dose of dewormer last night (not because I’ve seen any sign of worms, but I treat them just to be safe.) They are not fans, to say the least. All three of the girls made faces of disgust and went about their business. The boys, on the other hand – so much drama. The drooling, the running away, the going to whine about it to Mama (who cared not one tiny bit about their woes).

Margeaux’s gotten a bit more talkative lately, which makes me worry that she’s getting ready to go into heat. Maybe she’s just feeling chatty – she’s going for her spay surgery on September 4th, and I’m hoping very much that that happens before any heat cycles. Fingers crossed!


Dewey wants none of my nonsense.


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