8-28-19 Wednesday

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Katriane is turning into quite the little poser!

Fleur discovered the mailing tube and thinks it’s interesting.

Katriane has her kitten kickers primed and ready for action.

Josephine got herself up on the couch and isn’t sure how she’ll get down.

Yes, Katriane did flop down right on top of Margeaux’s tail. And Margeaux doesn’t care at ALL.

Henri discovered the mailing tube.

Fleur likes the Fruitasan – but she tends to hang out on top of it rather than inside it.

Absolutely refusing to look at me.

Hanging out under my desk, each on a slipper. Silly boys.

“This continues to be an excellent box, lady.”

An adorable Francois and his adorable mouse toy (which is holding up very well to abuse, for the record.)


Sheriff Mama (Kara) sees what you’re doing there, and has a very strong disapproval. But it’s not TECHNICALLY illegal, so she’ll let you off with a disapproving look.


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