8-29-19 Thursday

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Jacques raced across the room, and it caused Fleur (who is prone to floofing) to put on her floof suit just in case.

She felt it prudent to keep it on for quite a while, but eventually de-floofed.

Francois and Jacques show a couple of the kittens the proper way to eat.

And then Francois had some milk bar time. (He doesn’t try to belly up to the milk bar very often, but when he does Margeaux puts up with it for approximately 30 seconds before she gets up and walks off. A girl’s got her limits. Katriane won’t let him anywhere NEAR her milk bar.)

More dinner.

I put Henri up on the shelf to see if I could get a good picture of him, and he thought the occasion called for some floofin’.

And then I was trying to get a picture of Gabrielle and Jacques and Francois heard the feather teaser jingling and came running.

That little smile on Francois’s face is killing me dead. (That’s Fleur snuggled up to him.)

The little kittens turned 7 weeks old (!) yesterday, and I decided it was time to go from fingernail polish on the ear to collars to identify them.

(Now instead of getting comments from complete strangers on Instagram/Facebook along the lines of “DON’T PUT THAT ON THEIR EARS, FINGERNAIL POLISH IS FULL OF DEADLY CHEMICALLLLLLLLLS!” I’ll be getting “OH MY GOD WHY ARE THEIR COLLARS SO TIGHT?! THEY CAN’T BREEEEEEEATHE!!!!!”)

Here’s Josephine (aka JoJo), who had blue on her ear (you can still see a tiny bit of it), but since I apparently used all my blue collars in the past, she’s got a purple collar.

Luc doesn’t get a collar since there are only two gray kittens, and Fleur wears one.

Formerly pink-eared Beauregard now has a red collar. (I’d have put him in a pink collar, but had none.)

Fleur (formerly yellow-eared) is in a neon green collar because (you guessed it) all the yellow collars have been used.

Gabrielle doesn’t need a collar because she’s got that handy line on her nose, so I can tell her apart from the others.

And Henri doesn’t need a collar because he’s distinguished by the other brown tabbies by not having a collar. Well, and not having the line on his nose.

At weigh-in yesterday, I found that Henri is charging hard at the 2-pound mark. Josephine is the tiniest at 1 pound, 4 ounces, and everyone else is in between, most of them hovering at 1 1/2 pounds. You can see their weight chart at the bottom of their page, here.


Jake’s loons are present and accounted for.


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