8-7-19 Wednesday

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“Oooh, empty seat at the milk bar!” thinks Luc.

Oh that girl and her glare!

“Why you do this?” wonders Luc.

“You made me miss the good seat at the milk bar, lady!” Sorry, Luc.

Fleur, milk-drunk.

Beauregard’s always keeping watch.

Playing, kinda.

Checking out the mirrors.

“I wanna go in there, Auntie Kat.”
“Well then go in there, Henri.”

He tried and tried, but in the end it was just a little too high for him…. so I went and got out the spice rack steps and set them up. Of course, after that no one went near the big litter boxes, but it’s only a matter of time.

At this point, the kittens are all OVER the room. They tend to spend their daytime hours in or near the Chewy box under the desk. They venture out to play or to scream to a disinterested mother and aunt that they have to pee, and though they’re all aware of the small litter boxes I have scattered everywhere – and although they’ve all been IN the litter boxes and I’ve seen one single pee in one of the litter boxes – they’re mostly peeing on the pee pads (which I also have everywhere). They’re 4 weeks old today, so they’re just at the beginning of figuring out the whole litter box thing. I’m eager for that to happen because I’m constantly doing laundry right now. Conveniently the washer and dryer are in the foster room, so that works out well.

They’re spending their nights in various places. Usually when I check on them, there are 4 or 5 of them in a pile and one off in the middle of the floor sound asleep (never the same one. They like to mix it up, I guess.)


The catnip helps keep his loons tuned.


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