9-10-19 Tuesday

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“Is there something you need, lady?” Henri inquires.

“Mama, that lady is weird.”
“Yes she is.”
“She keeps picking me up and kissing me.”
“She’s a monster.”

Gabrielle and the Paw of Mine.

Fleur hanging out with Auntie Kat. Please admire the photobomb in the lower right. Looks like Beauregard got startled by the watermark.

Josephine’s all “Barkeep! Another round, on me!”

Oh, that Beauregard. Cutie indeed.

Katriane, making plans.

Josephine watches Beauregard’s track ball skills, and doesn’t look too impressed.

Sleepy Mama.

Josephine’s watchin’ me.

OH, that belly. (Josephine again.)


Jake loves to balance on the back of Fred’s chair whether Fred’s sitting in it or not.


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