9-6-19 Friday

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Oooh, I have an important question! Where do you get those chip and dip trays? I need a couple of cheap plastic ones with a good number of sections.

Dollar General! I’m sure they’re available in other places, but I got mine (and I’ve got quite a stack of them) at Dollar General. They work perfectly!


Oh, I love that loaf cat bed! Where do you find this stuff, Lady!?

Isn’t it adorable? That bed came from ToastyCat, and they actually found me. An Instagram follower tagged them and suggested I needed one for the fosters – and they sent me one! I managed to get a few shots with all the kittens stuffed in the bed (see below), but for the most part they don’t use it. I think I’m going to bring it into the rest of the house and see if we can’t get a permanent resident to give it a go (Newt particularly likes to cram himself into small spaces, so I have hope!)


That picture of the three boys in the cat tree looks like a stop-motion of one tabby kitten falling asleep and slowly falling towards the ground!

Yes it does!


Francois really needs his own page as the “cat who smiles” – he’s just such a hoot in all his pictures! Will they keep their names there?

They hadn’t decided whether they’ll keep their names or not – the other cats have “s” names, but she hadn’t come up with any “s” names that she particularly liked – so we’ll see.

And they’re sharing an Instagram page with their brothers Simon and Slate and sister Sapphire, in case you missed it! (Edited to add: The Instagram page has been deleted. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )


I think I need to avoid using that gray rug in the foster room. It’s hard to tell where the rug ends and the kittens begin.

I’m not even going to pretend to be appalled that Margeaux is on the kitchen island. She saw Archie up there, jumped up to see what was what, and it’s become one of her favorite places to hang out (not least because she knows kitchen=food, I’m sure.) (Don’t put on those judgey pants; I never prepare food on that island, and if I needed to, I’d scrub it down first and also, NO ONE INVITED TO YOU TO DINNER.) In this picture she looks like she’s going to grab that pen, put on those glasses and start writing me up for the copious kitchen violations she sees.

“What doin’, weird lady?” inquires a kitten who is probably Beauregard, but I can’t swear to it.

Pretty sure Beauregard got pounced upon right after I took this picture.

We had joy, we had fun, we had Henri in the sun.

“Please stop singing, lady. It hurts my earses.” (Beauregard)

All 6 of the kittens were on this set of cat trees, I grabbed my phone to take a picture, and 3 of them had disappeared.

Pretty, pretty Katriane.

Josephine’s living dangerously.

5 of the 6. That’s Henri stretched across the middle, Luc and Beauregard on the right side of the picture, and Gabrielle and Fleur on the left side.

And Josephine behind me, judging.


Newt likes to hang out next to the tub in the master bathroom, but he only does it in the fall, winter and spring, never in the summer. Which I think means that fall is coming!


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