9-24-19 Tuesday

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Oh, that Beauregard and his great big eyes.

Josephine has a sleepy.

Beauregard (left) and Henri look SO much alike, it’s a good thing Beauregard’s eye color is slow to change.

Josephine and Beauregard, hanging out with Auntie Kat.

You know she stuck her leg in the tube as far as she could, trying to reach me, and then knocked it onto the floor, right? (Henri, behind her squinting, is cracking me UP.)

“What, lady? What you WANT?” Fleur, Gabrielle and Josephine don’t appreciate me interrupting their nap.

They seem so tiny, but you know it won’t be much longer before they’re able to get up there and check things out too!

Henri has claimed these toys as his own.

“Less taking pictures and more treat-giving, lady.”

Luc has a skeptical. Josephine isn’t sure WHAT she’s got.


Archie and the ol’ razzle dazzle.


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