9-4-19 Wednesday

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You’ll remember these little faces, I’m sure. In June they looked like this…

In July they looked like this…

(With bonus Amelie)

That is, of course, meezer boy Antoine and his little gray tabby sister Madeline! They were adopted together and went off to Tennessee to live.

Antoine is now Aiden, and Madeline is Molly. And today they look like this!

Look how happy and gorgeous they are!

Shawnee reports that he is huge and she is still petite. She was always the smallest of that bunch, so I’m not surprised.

(Thank you Shawnee, and Brittany for being the messenger!)


Another attempt to get a good picture of the two mamas together, another fail. I swear, Margeaux always looks SO BALEFUL, but I promise you she is just the SWEETEST.

Henri and Josephine have a snooze.

Beauregard wonders what the weird lady is doing.

It’s a Josephine-topped donut, which seems like the perfect breakfast treat, if you ask me.

I guess it’s about time to get out the chip-and-dip plates so everyone can fit around the plate for breakfast.

Luc (back there asleep), Gabrielle, Fleur and Beauregard like the top of this little cat tree.

Gabrielle found she had somewhere else to be, giving Fleur the opportunity to show off that belly.

Josephine finds this bed very comfy, thank you.

Josephine and Luc, watching the weird lady.

Henri also finds this bed comfy. I wish they’d all pile up in it together, but of course they never will because they like to ruin my good photo opportunities.

Well that one’s not so bad aside from the weird angle, is it? Margeaux on the left, Katriane on the right.

Margeaux is headed off for her spay surgery this morning. I am hugely relieved, because I was so sure she’d end up going into heat, and as we can recall from Katriane’s heat cycle a few months back, that is ZERO fun for anyone. She’ll be home again this evening, and we can all breathe a sigh of relief – Margeaux most of all, I’m sure!


It’s a rough life for ol’ Franklin Beans.


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