9-16-19 Monday

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“What doin’, weird lady?” Just watching you, Luc.

Don’t you think Fleur needs a kiss? I think she does.

Kinda looks like Beauregard is slowly being consumed by that donut. He doesn’t seem to mind.

Henri on the scratcher, showing off that huge back foot. I swear that boy can just about wear my shoes.

“Hi lady. We not planning anything nefarious. You keep moving, okay? Okay!”

“This one has a lot of shenanigans and hijinx in her future, lady. She reminds me of me.”

Fleur’s ready for a nap, I think.

Josephine always looks like she’s trying to figure me out.

I think Beauregard’s got a lights-on, no-one-home situation going on here.

Josephine hanging out with Auntie Kat.


Frankie’s keeping an eye out for chipmunks and lizards. He’s a surprisingly good hunter for a cat with very few teeth.


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