9-12-19 Thursday

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I wish this was a clearer picture, but here we have Fleur leaping from the back of the couch to the top of the scratcher as Beauregard looks on.

Fleur never needs a reason to put on that floof tail; I swear she floofs it at the drop of a hat.

Here comes Henri, climbing up the side of the scratcher as Beauregard and Fleur look on.

There’s Henri, chomping on Beauregard’s leg. I love that Beauregard and Fleur are both looking at me, like I had anything to do with this situation.

Josephine on the back of the couch, and Beauregard just kind of hanging there.


They just love climbing up the side of this scratcher.

I was trying to get Katriane to look at me, and caught Fleur and Josephine in the background leaping at each other.

Josephine’s winning this one.

Now Fleur’s got the upper paw.

Fleur’s always ready for a tussle.


While Fleur watches, Henri climbs up…

Leaps over her Ears of Annoyance…

And decides this is a good place to hang out.



I walked into the hallway the other morning to find Archie sitting atop the crate watching the kittens race around the foster room. He finds them interesting, though he would never actually go into that room because being surrounded by little kittens is very much not his thing. Katriane likes to follow Archie around and watch him play (he’s very playful, but will NOT play with another cat, only by himself) and he tolerates that for the most part unless she gets too close.

Speaking of that crate he’s sitting on, I bought that to block the doorway so that – during the day – Katriane and Margeaux could come and go as they please, but the kittens couldn’t get over it. It worked really well until yesterday when all of a sudden the kittens were able to reach the top, pull themselves up, and drop to the floor on the other side. So I replaced the crate with a moving box that’s about 6 inches taller. The girls can get over it, but the kittens can’t. I’m sure it won’t be too terribly much longer before they’re able to get over that, too!


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