9-12-18 Wednesday

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Before Buxton went home the other night, I tried to get a few shots of all 7 kittens. It didn’t work out, but I did get 6 of the 7.

Left to right: Bethel, Buxton (back), Otis, Arundel, Dexter, and Millie.

Eliot is just too smart for her own good and was sitting on the floor at my feet watching me wave the feather teaser around.

Dexter and Millie’s faces are cracking me UP.

“COME. To ME. Feather teaserrrrr,” says Arundel.

Those FACES. (Bethel and Dexter)

Having a thought. (Otis)

Millie cannot believe that darn feather teaser won’t just COME to her already.

Buxton, keeping an eye on the prize.

Eliot looks so long and lean here, but she’s actually a teeny girl.

Arundel and Bethel. Such PRETTY girls.

Dexter and the side eye.

Dexter and Buxton. You think maybe I was waving that feather teaser around, just a bit?

Buxton havin’ a snooze.

Not judging at all, that sweet boy.

Sweet Miss Eliot.


Jake getting his loon on: the inside edition.


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9-12-18 Wednesday — 6 Comments

  1. Oh these kittens just melt my heart! All so different and all so beautiful! Don’t know how you don’t squeeze the fluff out of them.

    2007 – the Stinkerbelle blurb – “If I had to, I could take her. I think.” Robyn – you are brilliant. I am going to laugh all day. The Sugarbutt story is priceless as well. OMG