9-11-18 Tuesday

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In case you missed this on Instagram/Facebook last night…

He has a big kitty sister in his new home, and two human siblings (including a little girl who was very excited to meet him). His new mom reported that he didn’t make a peep on the way home, and every time they talked to him, he purred. That boy has an awesome purr. He is going to be one spoiled rotten boy, and I’m thrilled for him!

(I still have a few pictures of him yet to share, so you’ll see him for another day or two.)


OH, that Otis and his whiskers!

And that Millie and her ear furnishings!

“GIMME that camera, lady!” Dexter and his grabby paw.

Sleepy Millie. I love that smattering of orange around her nose.

“Unhand me, lady, I gots stuff to do!” I think Eliot might be a sheriff in the making.

“Seriously, lady.” Arundel with attitude.

Baff time for Dexter and his toe floof.

I think this looks like Eliot’s hanging out in a submarine.

Buxton, chilling.

Bethel hanging out between the pillows.

Watchin’ birds. (Millie & Arundel)


Oh boy. I wouldn’t want the sheriff to look at ME like this!


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9-11-18 Tuesday — 9 Comments

  1. I don’t know. With those penetrating, misses-nothing, gorgeous eyes, I think Bethel is jockeying for the next Sheriff Election.

    • Yeah, like she’s trying to remember where she left her citation pad. (The Dewberty is probably sleeping on it. Again.)

  2. Aw, yay for Buxton!!! And I just know that the rest of the little Mainers won’t be far behind!