9-11-17 Monday

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By special request, I have a then-and-now picture of Mercury and her Missions.

Here they are the day they were born:

And here they are at just over 4 weeks old:

They’ve grown just a tiny bit, haven’t they?

Also, someone asked if Mercury is people-friendly or if she’s like Emmy (who was feral). Mercury is SUPER friendly, not a timid bone in her body, and a total lovebug. She always greets me at the door (if kittens aren’t nursing), she follows me around the room, and flops down beside me when I sit. She was a little leery of being kissed at first, but now she’s started to accept being kissed. Another month or so, and maybe she’ll actually like it!

Da BAYbee.

“Lady! Quick! I needs a belly rub!”

“Right here, lady. On the belly!”


Aurora the lapkitten.

And Stardust the lapkitten!

Pretty Mercury and her fabulous makeup.

Aurora in the scratcher tunnel – and grumpy about it.

Phoenix the little poser.

Hubble’s always keeping an eye on me. Probably worried I’ll snatch him up and kiss him.

Aurora under the ess.


Videos! In the first, Mercury’s kittens are just RUDE. They think she’s a jungle gym!

YouTube link

And in the second, Hubble is utterly adorable.

YouTube link


Sometimes, if her daddy is asleep and she’s feeling nice, Alice Mo gives me the Eyes of Lurve.

YouTube link


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9-11-17 Monday — 7 Comments

  1. Awww, I loved seeing Mercury held/cuddled like da baybee she deserves to be!! So sweet.

    And then you went and killed me even more dead with the “Right here, lady. On the belly!” photo, lol. I could totally picture her tapping her tummy as she said it. And those toe beans of perfection are so, welllll, so perfect!

  2. Awwww. Good to know she’s a lovebug 🙂 Thanks for the response, both you and Teresa. Are you ever lucky enough to get a case where she flops down next to you when you sit and the kittens toddle up to the milkbar?

    Hubble is too much. Does he still want to be a lapkitten too?

  3. Hubble is to die for! I love kittens when they’re in their eggplant with head and legs stage, so squeezable.