11-7-18 Wednesday

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Oh, that Dynamo. Isn’t she JUST the prettiest little thing?


Dynamo, Cruise and Cam. Oh, those girls.

Pulley in the sun. SUCH a cutie.

“Stop making me stare up into the sun, lady. It’s gonna melt my marshmallow fluff brain right out my ears.”

Axle, checkin’ things out.

I think Fender is going to have very striking gold eyes when they reach their final color.

Cam and Fender: soooo sleepy.

The kittens came through their spays and neuters just fine. When I got them home, the boys had NO idea anything had happened, and the girls just wanted to curl up and snooze. Fred told me that LoJack did NOT LIKE being an only child for the day – he was howly and very, very needy. He was so happy to see his brothersisterfriends arrive back home! I put them in the foster room and fed them, and of course all the boys bellied right up to the plates to eat.


YEAH. I KNOW YOU SEE SOMETHING DIFFERENT. I can’t sneak anything by you guys, can I?

Meet Tank.

More about him tomorrow!


Jake’s loons need regular airing.


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