11-16-18 Friday

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Because of course there’s a jar of crunchies on the side table.


What might be in that jar of crunchies?

That table sits in the upstairs hallway, directly across from the foster room, and at night when the kittens are in their room and Fred heads off to bed, the permanent residents (the ones who are interested – Dewey isn’t usually around for bed time crunchy time) get a small handful of crunchies from that jar – those crunchies being Royal Canin Babycat. I think this routine started when Frankie was having mouth issues last year, and Fred thought that RC Babycat would be easier for him to eat since the pieces are tiny. Since you can’t give just one cat crunchy treats in this house, whoever’s around gets some. It is THE VERY VERY VERY BEST TIME OF THE DAY for Jake, who loses his MIND when he sees that Fred is headed toward the hallway, and I need to make a video of that, because he seriously acts like he hasn’t eaten in years and is starving to death.


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How do you manage to make your bed every morning with so many kittens and Permanent Residents running about and most likely lounging on your bed? I have 1 cat, and it’s a crap shoot as to whether or not my bed gets made because of Mr. Malcolm mustn’t be disturbed.

I make my bed as soon as I get out of it, which is before the foster kittens are released from their room. There’s rarely a permanent resident on my bed – they generally head downstairs as soon as Fred gets up – but on the rare occasion someone’s hanging out, I generally lift them with one hand, pull the comforter/sheet tight with the other, and then put them back in the same spot before they even realize anything has happened.


Thank you in advance – the kitten adjustment continues. New litter (no more cement clay litter boots!), but I think Kekoa the kitten takes offense to the smell of his own poo (understandable!) and I recall you saying that you add… something… to your litter? Baking soda? Charcoal? Could you refresh my memory?

Activated charcoal! You can buy it online (Amazon link for reference) OR you may be able to find something similar in the fish section of a pet store. I usually sprinkle a decent amount across the top of the litter – it’ll get mixed in as he uses it, and if his feet are a light color, the activated charcoal will make them look dirty. (But the benefits are worth it!)


Do the cats who normally sleep on the porch come into the house via the cat door on nights like this?

There’s a house with a heated bed in it on the screened porch (it’s the one that used to sit on the front porch at Crooked Acres, that Maxi would sleep in on cold days). Usually there’s someone (almost always Archie, but sometimes Alice) in that house, but the rest of them tend to come inside when it’s cold. They’ll still go out for a little while to check things out – and there are self-heating beds in a couple of places on the porch – but mostly they stay inside when it’s as cold as it’s been recently.

(Fred calls the cats into the screened porch at dusk and then shuts the cat doors leading from the screened porch to the back yard – they can still go from the porch to the house all night long – and the past 3 or 4 days the cats have all already been inside. Because it’s been COLLLLLD.)


For a smile, check out Tree Decorating 101. After reading that page, click “2nd page” at the top for more enjoyment.

I love it!


I seem to remember that Dewey was more of a cat’s cat. Is that still the case, or has he warmed up to his human servants?

He’s still more of a cat’s cat, because he is mean and knows how desperately I want him to snuggle with me at night! (He does let us pet and snuggle him, just not for too long. And Jake has taught him to run when the camera comes out. THANKS, JAKE.)


Any suggestions on how to keep Prince Harry out of the Christmas Tree.

The best way to keep a kitten out of the Christmas tree is not to have a tree (ha ha), but obviously that’s not going to work for everyone. I myself have a very small tree that I hang on the wall, over the mantel, where the cats can’t get to it – but again, that doesn’t work for everyone. The only thing I can think of is to put the tree in a room where the cats can’t go, but that is NO fun.

So, readers – have suggestions on how to have a Christmas tree but keep the cats out of it? We’re all ears!


Erm . . . Fred’s picked up crocheting??? Need more info, please!

Fred was looking for a hobby that would keep his hands occupied and that he would enjoy, so he bought some yarn, a crochet hook, turned on YouTube, and gave it a try. Voila, he’s a crocheter. He has zero interest in making cat toys or collars, but he’s made a few cat beds, and he’s gotten pretty good at it.


The kittens are getting so lonnnnng. (Solenoid)

Wahhhh. Solenoid’s Da BAYbee!

LoJack’s serious little round face just kills me dead.

Tank shows off the tabby patch on his leg.

“Psst! Alexa! I needs toys!”
“Yes and yes, please. Thank you, Alexa.”

“Oh! Well, my goodness. Aren’t YOU beautiful, strange kitty.” (Cruise)

Dynamo in the sun. Rumor has it it’ll be sunny today. I won’t believe it ’til I see it.

Gauge needs a kiss.

Wahhhh. Axle’s Da BAYbee too.

LoJack is very amused by himself.

I had to take down the picture that was hanging near the cat tree, because they kept smacking at it, and I worried that they’d knock it to the floor. This left a picture hanger on the wall – one of those hooks with a nail through it – and I pulled and pulled and couldn’t get it to come out. Then Clutch came to the rescue, all “Look out, weird lady, I’ve got this!” and 10 seconds later he’d pulled it out of the wall and was playing with it (and was not happy that I took it away from him.)



Kara’s got her mean Sheriff Mama squint going on today.


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