11-20-18 Tuesday

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Miss Cruise has herself a bit of attitude, no?

Fender, in the holiday spirit.

Cam looks endlessly amazed by life.

Oh, that Solenoid. Have you heard that she’s Da BAYbee?

I couldn’t figure out why Tank always looks like he’s tired, and then I realized that the orange markings under his eyes make it look VERY MUCH like he’s got bags.

We have reached the point in Gauge’s eye color wherein his eyes match his fur, and I LOVE that.

Feather toys give Pulley the Crazy Eyes.

LoJack is SO over me, and I don’t care. I’ll snatch him up and kiss him every time he comes near me.

Gauge, showing off his pretty eyes again.

Legs for days.


Alice Mo, with attitude.

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