11-28-18 Wednesday

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From just a few months ago, perhaps you recall these faces?

That’s right, that’s Kennebunk/Moop and Calais, who were adopted together. Calais is now Cali and Moop is now Bear, AND HERE THEY ARE.

Good morning 🌞 we just wanted to check in with our first mom and dad and let you know our new mom and dad are taking care of us just fine. Our mom and dad say we are growing up fast. Cali loves to climb everywhere and hide from you and attack your feet when you walk by. As for for me Bear cat I just like to be loved on and lay in the sun on the back of the sofa and hide from Cali because she never wants me to rest. Well they just put more food in the bowl so we’re off to go eat ! Love Cali and Bear.

Lindsee added: He’s so fluffy and sweet. Cali is solid; she’s not fat but she has some weight to her and she loves plastic straws. She will take them right out of your drink cup if you don’t watch her. She also still grooms Codey’s beard.

I forgot to tell you – Bear growls. It’s the funniest thing, I have never hear a cat growl like a dog.

Fred took one look at the pictures of Bear and said “He still looks like a muppet!” He does still have that Moop face, doesn’t he?

(Thank you SO MUCH, Lindsee!)


LoJack in the sun. He’s such a pretty boy.

Pretty, pretty Cruise.

Sleepy Tank.

Fender gets a bath from Solenoid.

Axle’s all “What doin’, lady?”

I guess the bath is over and it’s time for nappin’.

I feel like Pulley’s lookin’ for trouble.

Cam, getting a bath from Dynamo.

And Tank gets a bath from himself. I guess it’s a bathy kinda day.

Oh, that Tank. He’s such a sweet little guy.


“What? Can’t a girl take a little break from upholding the law?” (Sheriff Mama/Kara)


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