11-13-18 Tuesday

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Over the weekend we had a sunny day, and around mid-day the sun was shining through the skylight in the master bathroom, and the kittens were running around playing, and I thought “I wonder what they’d do if I tossed a ping pong ball into the bathtub?”

They hopped in to check it out, is what they did.

Axle, mid-jump.

They had a LOT of fun.

Whole lotta wrestling goin’ on. (LoJack and Tank are still a bit too small to get into the tub on their own, so I put them in the tub so they could join in on the fun.)

9 kittens in one tub! (Pulley and Cruise were… well, I’m not sure where they were. Possibly on the other side of the bathroom being antisocial.)

Solenoid, picking a fight with LoJack.

So much sun!

Solenoid taking a bath on the left, Axle and Tank tussling on the right, and Clutch watching from above.

I think Tank needs a nap.

Solenoid and Axle and the Open Mouth of Outrage.

Yes, that tub IS awesome – but it takes forever to fill, I feel like it’s a waste of water for the length of bath I’d take, and (GASP) I’m not really much of a bath-taker. I’m much more a fan of our shower.

That tub is a great size for a bunch of bottle babies, though, don’t you think? (I can’t quite convince Fred of that, though. He’s no fun.)


Frankie in the sun. Is he a pretty boy, or is he a pretty boy? (He’s a pretty boy!)

Someone asked after Frankie in yesterday’s comments – Just wondering – any news on Frankie? – and I’m pleased to say that Frankie is doing very well. He’s on a thrice-weekly dose of Atopica, which is keeping his stomatitis under control very well. He’s doing just fine, and we’ve had no issues in quite a while. He’s eating fine, he’s annoying the other cats fine (he’s fond of chasing Sheriff Mama (Kara) across the yard. I think he wants to play, but she’s a serious lawwoman and has no time for his nonsense), every once in a while he comes and snuggles with me in the middle of the night.


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