11-12-18 Monday

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REMINDER: The Forgotten Felines of Huntsville online auction started Saturday morning – and there will be new items added daily. So get on over there (click on the picture above OR on this link right here) and bid like crazy. All proceeds benefit the kitties Forgotten Felines of Huntsville, and the kitties (AND humans) appreciate it more than you can know!


I managed, just barely, to get a shot of all 11 kittens, right before LoJack noped on out of there.

Left to right: Pulley, Gauge, Tank, Clutch, Dynamo, Cam, Solenoid, Cruise, Fender, Axle and (most of) LoJack.

I bought that little pop-up cave at Petsmart, and they love it. They spend the day pushing it around the entire upstairs.

Pulley sniffing my foot to see where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing.

Fender, wondering if he could make the jump from the top of the cat tree to my shoulder (he decided it was too far.)

Cruise is a quiet girl until you get the feather teaser out, and then she chatters at it.

Solenoid, checking out the ceiling fan.

“Gimme the feather teaser and no one gets hurt, lady.” (Cruise)

Sweet Solenoid (yeah, there’s a feather teaser up there.)

Dynamo, Pulley, and Axle.

Tank would like you to know that “Tank” is the perfect name for him. When I brought him home Tuesday afternoon, he weighed 2 pounds, 5 ounces. When I weighed all the kittens Friday morning, he weighed THREE POUNDS. He put on 11 ounces in less than three days with us! (The weight gain has slowed – I weighed him again yesterday morning, and he’d only put on an ounce since Friday. He is a solid little thing for sure, though.)

Remember how, back in September, Arundel was fascinated by the fan sitting next to my bed, and she’d sit there and stare at it and I wondered what was up with that? THEN I realized that the center of the fan was mirrored and she was basically staring at herself and admiring her own beauty?

Well, these kittens have discovered the mirror in the middle of the fan, too.





Dewey wonders if it might be snack time, please?


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