11-23-18 Friday

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Archie is the prettiest cat ever! How would you describe his fur colour?

I call him silver tabby and white, but I can’t swear that that’s correct. Gray tabby and white would work, too!


How do the little squirts manage to get out of the tub?!

They jump! They look small and the tub looks huge in pictures, I know, but they have ridiculously long legs, and have no problems getting in and out of the tub. LoJack and Tank needed help getting out the first few times (since they’re smaller), but they’ve since gotten the hang of it.


Do any of the kittens miss their mom?

They miss nursing. They were fine for the first week, but suddenly they all started nursing on their own abdomens and on the collar of my shirt. They’re not all doing it, but the ones that are are SERIOUS about it. It’s happened before with lots of previous fosters, and they nearly always grow out of the behavior.


Do all black and white tuxies have white whiskers? that is part of their charm.

You know, that is an excellent question. I think they do, but I can’t swear to it!


15 cans of Fancy Feast a day? Pardon my pottiness, but shit Robyn, that’s a lot of cans. I know Fancy Feast are smallish cans, and yeah, you’re fostering 10 teenager kittens, but damn…

That’s a lot of can-opening, too! I’ll practically need carpal tunnel surgery once these kittens have moved on. (And also, I don’t know why I said we go through 15 cans a day – they get 8 in the morning and 8 at night, and that does not add up to 15.)

I SO wish Fancy Feast came in much bigger cans!


How is Ryder doing? Has she gained some weight?

She had gained some weight before she left us to go to Steve’s house, though I couldn’t tell you how much since she was not a fan of the scale. But her spine didn’t protrude nearly as much as it had been when she first came to us, and without kittens constantly trying to nurse, she’s probably put on a little more much-needed weight.

By the way, Ryder will be headed to Petsmart today. Fingers crossed for a fast adoption!


I have Archie’s twin brother Lark. They even have the same white strip down their nose.

I asked Bethany to send a few pictures of Lark, and she did. Here’s Lark’s story:

Here is my sweet boy Lark. His mother was rescued from a high kill shelter when she was pregnant. When the kittens were born they went with a bird theme. The two kittens left at Petsmart when I found them were Lark & Robin. While I was giving all the kitties some love, a woman came in with a carrier. She was bringing Lark back from a visit with the vet. I asked if he was ok & she said he had recently started limping & was diagnosed with a subluxating patella. It was at that very moment that I knew Lark was coming home with me. I laughed & she looked at me with confusion. I told her that I had another little muffin at home with bilateral subluxating patellas. My vet had explained this condition is pretty common in small dogs but quite uncommon in cats. What are the odds I would come across another one? She literally jumped up & down as she had feared this diagnosis would mean a lifetime spent in the shelter. She waived his $100 adoption fee because she was so excited. So I made a $100 donation to the group. I know how important that money is to care for the animals. That was almost 3 yrs ago. He is my shadow & always wants me to hold him. However, he terrorizes my other cat Chloe. He drives me crazy but I love him.

Lark has certainly perfected Archie’s expression, hasn’t he? Too cute!


You guys! I have found a basket for you. Remember when I said that the basket we have in the foster room is made by a company that no longer exists? Well, I was surfing around Amazon one day, and I found a basket that was NOT super expensive, and I bought it to try it out.

At first the kittens wouldn’t use it, but then they warmed up, and…

It’s a hit!

Fender agrees.

It is the Kitty City Cotton Rope Woven Cat Bed, and at this exact moment it’s $17.97. The kittens like it and are using it, and it seems to be pretty well constructed, though of course only time will tell how well it’ll hold up against the destructive forces in the foster room. Just wanted to let y’all know!

“What the-? How is the weird lady in there? She was just behind me, wasn’t she?”

“Yes, there she is….”

“I am so confuuuused.”

I love this picture of Cam on the windowsill in the bathroom.

Solenoid in the bath tub with the ping pong ball.

Tub full o’ kittens.

Fender’s all “Come HERE, Axle! I wanna kick your butt!”

And then he regretted his big mouth.

Cruise, chillin’.


Frankie, Jake, Khal and Alice (up on the table) in: Post Turkey Coma.


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