11-19-18 Monday

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The online auction ended on Saturday, and yesterday afternoon Teresa and Leslie came over, and we had ourselves an organizin’ and packin’ party. The kittens could hear us in there (we were working in Fred’s office), and started complaining about how THEY wanted to have some fun too, and first I just let a few in with us, but they weren’t really getting into anything they shouldn’t, so I finally just opened the door between Fred’s office and the rest of the upstairs, and the kittens joined us.

Clutch made himself at home.

We worked for, I don’t know, 6 or 7 hours. It was tiring and fun, and by the time we were done, we had a pile of packages to be shipped, and a pile of sleepy kittens.

The auction turned out to be a resounding success, and we WILL be having more of them – at the very least, this time next year, if not before then.

Let me take a moment to thank not only you wonderful people who donated items for the auction AND you wonderful people who bid on everything (watching the last-minute bids come in was a lot of fun!), but I would very most especially like to thank Teresa, who spearheaded this entire endeavor. She suggested the idea, she worked SO hard to make it a reality (all of those wonderful graphics that showed all the items up for bid were solely her work and that’s not even the tiniest tip of the iceberg of work she did over this past couple of months), and she created the world’s most amazing spreadsheet.

I kid you not, that spreadsheet is a thing of beauty.

She worked tirelessly on this auction, and it succeeded beyond our wildest expectations. I know she had many late nights working so hard (note: I’m not convinced that she actually sleeps), and while it isn’t completely over yet (there are items still be picked up and paid for), I think she can take a deep breath and relax for moment as the dust settles.



Cam’s got her eye on the feather teaser, of course.

Gauge has such a serious little face.

Solenoid’s little face cracks me up.


Gauge. What is UP with all the serious faces?

One of the rare pictures where LoJack doesn’t look like he’s annoyed with me.

We did have sunshine over the weekend, and we DID enjoy it. (Tank)


Jake looks especially loony here, doesn’t he?


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