11-28-17 Giving Tuesday

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No wonder Maxi spends so much time walking around looking dusty.

It’s all those dust baths!

“What? If it’s good enough for the chickens, it’s good enough for me, lady!”

Maxi’s been spending more time inside lately as the weather’s gotten cooler, and in fact spends more nights inside than out. Her favorite spot is the cat bed on Fred’s desk. As long as she can lay there and survey her domain and everyone leaves her alone (and they’re all learning to leave her alone), she’s a happy girl. I guess she’s decided she wants to hang out where the people are rather than be alone in the garage. She’s the old lady of the bunch (she’s 13), so I guess she’s earned her time inside in whichever bed she wants.


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11-28-17 Giving Tuesday — 10 Comments

  1. what is it with black cats and dust baths? My Ralphie does the same thing, unfortunately often in front of my car when I’m trying to drive around the house. And my boy Boo did the same thing.

  2. Ahem…Maxi is the Grande Dame of Crooked Acres, Lady! 😀

    But I am glad to see her spending more time inside. Hopefully that will help with her transition when you find a new house.

  3. I love it when adorably surly old outdoor kitties finally decide to come inside ON THEIR TERMS! <3 Good for Maxi!

  4. I was just wondering last night where Merry was in our house to get his dust bath. LOL He came walking in my room with dust all over his face and side. I figured he must have crawled behind the couch, or even into it. Silly black kitties!!

    By the way the link to 2016 takes us to the 2015 post. I thought I clicked on 2015 again but nope, it’s the same link.

  5. My mom lives in West Texas, and her outdoor kitties have pink fur. Why? Because they were born with white fur and they roll in the red Texas dirt!

  6. Maxie, Maxie, Maxie… don’t you know that you’re smarter than chickens?? And besides.. they don’t have to lick that dust out of their fur once they get it in there! Yay for you choosing inside more!

    Thank you, Robyn, for sharing about the auction!