8-26-21 Thursday

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Reminder! The Forgotten Felines of Huntsville online auction is still going on – new stuff is being added daily, like this cute kitchen set right here…

Click on that picture to see that exact set – or click here to see everything that’s up for bid!


I swear to you, Theo Pesto is the nursingest kitten I’ve ever seen. Molly Marinara is so patient… Until she’s not.

“Where’d she GO?!”

Sofia Soy Sauce was hanging out in the pie plate, hugging her long-tailed mouse and minding her own business.

Then Alfie Alfredo and Christopher Chutney felt the need to walk right OVER her. (Her looking at me like “Are you SEEING this?!” is killing me.)

“They’re so RUDE.”

Franco Fondue was looking so cute I stopped to take his picture. And then Christopher Chutney was all “IS SOMETHING HAPPENING HERE?!”

And the scratcher was flooded with kittens who were afraid they were missing something.

They were all so cute that I squooshed and kissed ’em all.

Kittens are so rude.

This made me laugh out loud. He just kind of melted onto the floor.


The view from the kitchen window. Charlie (left), Jake (back) and Khal were apparently having a meeting.


Posted on social media yesterday.

Theo Pesto’s feelin’ a little dramatic this morning. (I promise you, Hannah Hollandaise wasn’t even looking at him, but his flaily paws and open mouth are killing me.)

I love how this picture shows the difference in the color and patterns of the orange boys. Left to right: Franco Fondue, Theo Pesto, Tia Teriyaki, Alfie Alfredo, Sofia Soy Sauce, Christopher Chutney, and (top) Hannah Hollandaise.

YouTube link
Play time in the kitten room – and Mama Molly Marinara could use a treat… or a bunch of treats!

Tia Teriyaki and Hannah Hollandaise from above. ❤️

YouTube link
Mama teaches the kittens their manners (by kicking their butts. Whatever works!)

Good night innernets. (Alfie Alfredo & Sofia Soy Sauce)


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