8-26-19 Monday

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To continue with the True Blood kittens I posted on Facebook/Instagram last Thursday for Throw Back Thursday (you can see those in yesterday’s post if you missed them), here is what their brother Hoyt looked like 10 (!) years ago.

Hoyt was adopted out as a kitten and then returned about a year later because he’d been diagnosed with FLUTD and the people who’d adopted him weren’t going to be able to afford it if he had another blockage. But Michelle fell in love with him and drove all the way from North Carolina to adopt him!

This is what he looks like today:

Michelle reports that he is still Da BAYbee, and he’s sweet, silly and chatty and she absolutely adores him (awww!) You can see the occasional glimpse of Hoyt on Instagram, here.

(Thanks, Michelle!)


“Rattie, I kill you!” Katriane’s quite the mouser. Uh… ratter?

Cuppa Gabrielle to start off your day?

Luc (there in the front, looking like he’s tired of my nonsense) wished I’d be quiet and go away and let him sleep. Gabrielle, Beauregard, Fleur and Josephine (over by the giant cup) are watching to see my next move.

All 6 kittens in one shot! Henri back there at the bottom of the blue cat tree, Fleur atop the orange track ball toy, Beauregard on the left with his back to me, Josephine (left) and Gabrielle on the scratcher, and Luc to the right looking in my general direction.

Josephine (left) and Gabrielle, close up.

“What doin’, weird lady?” Henri inquires.

Did you see that I got the Fancy Sofa out? The kittens seem to approve.

Margeaux kinda matches that blanket behind her.

Josephine gives me the pouty look. She’d like to know why I’m always harassing her when she’s just minding her own dang business.

Wherein Beauregard has a complaint.

I swear Luc does occasionally look wide awake, he’s not always so sleepy looking!

Beauregard in the giant Croc.

All is well in the kitten room – the kittens are getting bigger, playing like crazy, and somehow getting more adorable by the second.


Khal doesn’t approve of Fred’s reading material. (The Ice Limit, by Preston & Child. Fred reports that it was really good and is not from the Pendergast series.)


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8-26-19 Monday — 6 Comments

  1. Good to see that all is well on the toy front. And places/surfaces to sleep…

    Hoyt was an adorable kitten, who’s now such a handsome boy!

  2. I can see the mouse I crochet in one if the pictures. This is a field test. If this mouse holds up well with a bunch of kittens, I know I can make more and donate to FF. I have many yarn remnants I need a good purpose for. So please report back in a few weeks. I need to know if they come apart. Thanks

  3. Love catching up with former fosters! Of course, Magnificent Khal is the icing on the cake!

  4. I cannot express how much I love that picture of Khal!!!

    Awww… Hoyt! How can he (and his siblings) be 10?!?

    Those kittens ARE indeed getting more adorable by the minute!